[Apr 22, 2022] Walmart Grocery Keyword Search Data Degraded (RESOLVED)

We have identified a gap in our grocery keyword data affecting our Walmart.com search data. The data was not collected for some grocery-specific terms during March 9 - April 21, 2022. This affects less than 5% of search term data on Walmart

Dataset Impacted: Walmart.com

Data Impacted: Search (limited Grocery Terms only)

Impacted Timeframe: March 9, 2022 - April 21, 2022

Resolution: All data collection has been resolved as of April 22, 2022

How does this impact my data?

Some of the grocery-specific search terms were missed in our grocery specific data crawling. The grocery-specific keywords often overlap with our general ecommerce search term crawling for redundancy purposes so the impact is minimal. In the case of some terms being missed that were not redundant there will be impact in the share of voice, keyword shelf counts, and week-over-week comparison metrics in the impacted timeframe appearing abnormally low when a result set would have otherwise contained these terms. The number of terms impacted is less than 5% of the terms being crawled but some brands or categories that have an outsized portion of their terms coming from the impacted dataset will see a greater impact. 

Recommended Workaround:

When filtering in the impacted timeframe you can use keyword-specific filters to avoid including impacted data.