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Identify the Top-Searched Non-Brand Keywords in the Category

Find the top-searched Non-Brand Keywords that are driving the most organic traffic for the top selling products in the category

Playbook Overview

This playbook will help you identify the most important keywords that the top selling products in a category are ranking for. Optimizing your Listings and Ad Campaigns for driving better organic rankings can be much more effective if you understand which keywords to prioritize your time and budgets around.  Start with optimizing your listing content for the keywords that are already proven to drive organic traffic and sales for the top selling products in your category and it will give your products a better chance of achieving and maintaining best seller status.


Time Required: 10 minutes


STEP 1: Identify best selling products in category

Setting up the Category Snapshot Report

  1. Navigate to the Category Snapshot report (Market Insights > Category Snapshot)
  2. Enter the Department and Category  into the “Department” and “Category Tree” Filters
  3. Click the Load button on the report to load the data
  4. Copy the list of Item IDs in the Best Selling Items table you wish to get opportunity keywords for (to be pasted into the report used in the next step) If any of the best selling items in the category are not similar to the product you are finding opportunity keywords for, then you may not want to include those items in the next step because the keywords driving traffic and sales for those items may not be very relevant to your product. 

STEP 2: Get a list of opportunity keywords

Setting up the Keyword Discovery Report

  1. Navigate to the Keyword Discovery Report (Organic Search Optimization > Keyword Discovery)
  2. Paste the list of Best Selling Item IDs in the “Item ID” filter.
  3. Click the Load button on the report to load the data.


STEP 3: Download the keyword list


Click the three dots in the upper right corners of the report to pop up the Download Data link to download the opportunity keyword list to use in your ad campaigns and listing optimizations

How to use the data

This report will show a list of opportunity keywords that the best selling asins in the category rank for organically on page 1 or actively sponsor with ads. The Search Volume Percentile helps you sort the keywords by highest search volume.  The Relevancy Score is based on the organic rankings of the best selling items that are highly relevant for the keywords. The opportunity score helps you prioritize the keywords for your ad campaigns and optimizations as it is based on the search volume combined with the relevancy score (The more search volume and more relevant the keyword is, the higher the opportunity score the keyword has.). These keywords should be considered for your ad campaigns and listing optimizations. 


Title Optimization with Highest Opportunity Keywords

The keywords that have the highest opportunity scores should be considered for the inclusion in the product title if the keywords are relevant to the product you are optimizing. 

Single ASIN Campaigns

The Keywords in this list should be evaluated and assigned to the most relevant items you are advertising by creating single asin campaigns for the item and keywords that fit well together, to make sure your best product receives ad impressions for the highest opportunity keywords that are most relevant.


ℹ️ Pro Tip

You can also take a deeper look into any of the keywords in the table by clicking on them to use the drill-in function to track the full Sponsorship Activity  or run a Keyword Snapshot report or even use the Keyword Expander to find additional related keywords.