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Identify High Opportunity Non-Brand Keywords for Advertising

Optimize your spend on non-branded keywords by identifying keywords that are highly searched and have a higher likelihood of converting for your products

Playbook Overview

Optimizing your ad spend involves targeting high-impact keywords and reducing spend on keywords that aren’t helping your brand. This also means making sure the right items are displayed in ads for each keyword. In this playbook we will provide several examples of ways to identify which keywords to take action on as well as which items to advertise for those keywords. 


Time Required: 5 minutes

Identify high opportunity keywords for advertising

The Keyword Discovery report shows keywords for a set of items or for one of your brand’s categories prioritized by the opportunity those keywords present. The Analytix Index Opportunity Score combines factors such as keyword search volume and relevancy to each item to rank how valuable a keyword is to your brand or items. This example will show you how to generate a prioritized list of opportunity keywords.

Setting up the Report

  1. Start by navigating to the Keyword Discovery Report.
  2. Input your brand in the Brand filter.
  3. In the Brand Specific Category filter select the category/categories you want to optimize on
  4. Change the filter type on Brand Specific Category from “is” to “starts with”.
  5. In more filters set the Keyword filter to “does not contain” your brand name. You can filter out any other low-priority keywords or phrases with this filter as well.

ℹ️ Pro Tips

If you have a list of items you are looking to optimize on, you can skip steps 2-4 and instead input that list into the Item ID filter. 

When you input a value in the Brand filter it updates to Brand Specific Category filter suggestions to only show categories where your items are bestsellers. Filtering on Brand first makes it much easier to select your most relevant categories.

Example with “Amazon Basics” keywords

How to use the data

This data will help you understand what keywords matter the most for your items and how much competition there is on those keywords. This ordered list can be used when determining which keywords to target in your ad campaigns.

You can also download the complete list and set it side-by-side with your advertising data to see which high-opportunity keywords may need more attention in your ad campaigns.


This report also shows the number of Brands/Items seen advertising on the keyword. Keywords with less active advertising may have a lower bid price. If you see a keyword with a high opportunity score but little sponsorship you may want to give specific attention to that keyword as it may be a low-cost high-value opportunity.