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Identify Non-Branded Keywords that are Driving Shopper Discovery for Your Brand

Analyze your non-branded keywords (discovery keywords) to see which keywords and items are showing up to help shoppers discover your brand.

Playbook Overview

Driving brand discovery through non-branded search is a great way to help shoppers find your products. Analyzing your sponsorship activity on these non-branded terms helps identify gaps in your ad types as well as keyword and item pairings. Use this information to adjust your spend accordingly.


Time Required: 5 minutes

Setting up the Report

  1. Start by navigating to the Sponsorship Activity Tracker
  2. In more filters Brand filter input your brand name.
  3. In the more filters section set the Is Branded Keyword filter to no.

Scroll down to the Sponsorship Activity by Keyword tile for keyword sponsorship details.

Example with “Instant Pot” brand.

How to use the data

This report shows the keywords where your ads are most visible to shoppers. Keywords are sorted by the Total Sponsorship Activity Index which accounts how many of your products appear in advertising on that keyword as well as how frequently they appear.

ℹ️ Pro Tips

Clicking the Search Volume Percentile column header will sort the table by how frequently shoppers are viewing each keyword. This is helpful in identifying high-value keywords where your ads have some visibility.

You can also take a deeper look into which of your items are appearing on in a keyword by clicking on the Sponsorship Activity Index value and using the View Sponsored Items drill. Clicking on Total Sponsorship Activity will show all sponsored items, while clicking Sponsorship Activity for a specific ad type will show only the items advertised under that ad type.


In addition to identifying where shoppers are finding your items, this report shows you which items shoppers are discovering. At the bottom of the report the Sponsorship Activity by Item displays your products sorted by how often they appear in page 1 advertising. If you are working to promote specific items, this report is a good way to make sure the right items are appearing in advertising.


ℹ️ Pro Tip

You can also take a deeper look into where an item is appearing by clicking on the Sponsorship Activity Index value and using the View Sponsored Keywords drill. This will display keywords for the item ranked by the item’s ad visibility within that keyword.