degraded category and search data Nov 14, 2022 - Nov 22, 2022

Due to stability issues on the category and search data between November 14 and November 22, 2022 has experienced lower volumes than normal.


Dataset Impacted:

Data Impacted: Category and Search Data

Impacted Timeframe: Nov 14, 2022 - Nov 22, 2022

Resolution: Data levels have resumed to normal levels beginning Nov 22, 2022

 How does this impact my data?

The impact for this issue is temporary and only affects the dates listed in the impacted timeframe. Not all categories and keywords were impacted but many keywords or categories did not have the consistent daily crawl frequency that was expected. This means that keyword counts, sponsorship activity, and market share data could be negatively impacted and show artificially low keyword counts, sponsorship activity, and less accurate market share in the impacted period. 

Recommended Workaround

We do not have a recommended workaround at this time as data was collected in the period as best as possible given the instability of the website. To minimize impact you can use longer time periods to identify trends or use monthly date granularity to view the data in the impacted period.