[RESOLVED] Amazon.com Average Sales Price Temporary Data Issue

The Amazon.com price data was temporarily not surfacing for periods between 4/18/22 and 5/9/22. The issue impacted various reports that show average sales price and category sales share during the affected period. All data is restored now.

Dataset Impacted: Amazon.com

Data Impacted: Average Sales Price

Impacted Timeframe: Apr 18, 2022 - May 9, 2022

Resolution: All data has been restored and is fully functional as of May 12, 2022

How does this impact my data?

The impact for this issue was temporary. Metrics and reports displaying or using the average sales price were showing gaps in the charts displaying the trends. All data has been restored in history which leaves no lingering impact to the data. 

Recommended Workaround:

No workaround is necessary for this temporary issue as all data has been restored and is fully functional.