Target Sponsored Product Search Data Degraded (RESOLVED)

We have identified a change that Target has made to their site that impacts our collection of sponsored product search data. It is NOT impacting any other data on the dataset including organic search data and category data.

Dataset Impacted:

Data impacted: Sponsored Product Search

Impacted Timeframe: Feb 16, 2022 - Mar 16, 2022

Resolution: All data collection has been resolved as of Mar 17, 2022

How does this impact my data?

Target keyword results have both organic and paid slots available on them. While the keyword data was still being collected and all organic search results remain intact for the period, only the sponsored slots on the page were impacted with the changes made by the retailer. The impacted data will appear as either a gap in a chart or the dates on the chart will skip the affected period if there is no organic data being displayed. This does not affect any category best seller data or organic keyword shelves in the dataset.

Recommended Workaround:

We recommend using historical data before and after the affected period to understand the trends or look at the data on a monthly basis instead of weekly to identify the sponsored product search data.