What information is available in the Amazon Product Detail Page Monitoring service

Analytic Index monitors any Amazon item detail page for changes or general tracking purposes

Available Fields



Example Value


The unique Amazon product identifier. For variated pages this will be split into the Parent ASIN and Child ASIN



Number of Variations

The total number of variations found on the page



The title of the selected item as found on the product detail page

Motherhood Maternity Women's Relaxed Fit Sleep Knit Shorts 2 Pack



The average rating found on the detail page



The number of reviews for the item(s) on the detail page


Delight Pricing

A featured price point or savings highlight

Save 37% Lowest price in 30 days

Savings Pricing

The difference between current price and list price

Save 37%, Lowest price in 30 days

List Price

The list price of the selected item



The current buy box price



Indicates the presence of a coupon on the page


Coupon Value

The value that the coupon displays

Save an extra 20% when you apply this coupon

Main Image

The URL of the main (first) image



Alt Images

A list of URLs of additional images




The shipping speed available for the item



Indicates the selling party. Either Amazon.com (1P) or a 3rd party seller

KateMart LLC



Identifies the shipping party (FBA or FBM)




In Stock or out of stock indicator

in stock

Available Quantity

The number of units available for sale if present on the detail page (typically this is only present on products with low stock)


Other Sellers

A list of other sellers displayed on the detail page (does not include any offers that are potentially available on a popup windows on the page)


Is Prime

Indicates the presence of the Amazon Prime badge


Is Amazon’s Choice

Indicates the presence of the Amazon’s Choice badge on the detail page


Choice Keywords

List of keywords for which the item has the Amazon’s Choice Badge


Feature Bullets

List of text associated with the bullet points in the product detail page (above the fold)

"\"Comfortable and slim camisole to wear throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. Great for wearing underneath blouses or button down shirts\"\n\"Soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric that will grow with your bump\"\n\"Sleeveless scoop neck tunic length non-side ruched cami tank\"\n\"Great form fitting camisole for layering, sleeping, lounging, or working out\"\n\"Please click on the Motherhood Maternity Store link above to shop our brand\""


Product Description

The text from the product description section of the product detail page (does not include any A+ content)

Relaxed fit fold over knit pajama short with side shirring at waistband. Lightweight, soft, and comfortable, these sleep shorts can easily be worn lounging around the house all day long.


Product Detail Bullets

Product detail table and bullet information from the product detail page (below the fold)


A-Plus Info

HTML and Image urls for any A+ content if available



Best Sellers Rank

List of best seller ranks and the associated departments/categories provided on the product detail page. 

{\"fashion\":[180161,\"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry\"],\"fashion/1285246011\":[20,\"Maternity Tights & Hosiery\"],\"fashion/1040660\":[55052,\"Women's Clothing\"]}