Data Definition: Keyword Opportunity Score?

Keyword Opportunity Score is a way to prioritize a keyword list based on the combination of Search Volume and the Relevancy Score (according to the retailer's search algorithm) of that keyword to the brand, item, or category.

Opportunity Score = Search Volume x Relevancy Score

Search Volume is the estimated shopper searches per month for the keyword. This helps identify keywords that have higher traffic from a shopper standpoint. Higher search volume is better.

Relevancy Score is based on the organic rankings of the best selling items that are highly relevant for the keywords. The retailer's search algorithms are tuned to surface products that are most "relevant" to the shoppers query based on click and conversion rates as well as other factors such as ratings & reviews, inventory levels, and others. Higher relevancy scores are better.

Opportunity Score combines both the search volume and relevancy to help prioritize the keywords for your ad campaigns and content optimizations. The more search volume and more relevant the keyword is, the higher the opportunity score the keyword has. Keywords with high opportunity scores should be considered for your ad campaigns and listing optimizations.