What reports are needed for the Walmart Ad Audit?

Instructions for which reports are needed for a Walmart Ad Audit and how to download them with the proper settings


Download the following On-demand reports from the Walmart Advertising Console:

  • Item Keyword Performance
  • Item Performance
  • Placement Performance
  • Keyword Performance

Use the following Settings when pulling the reports:

  • Attribution Window: 14 days
  • Group by: Daily
  • Report Period: Last 60 Days

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to On-Demand Reports page

  1. Click Request Report Button

  1. Select the appropriate settings for each report
    1. Report Type: <select the desired report>
    2. Attribution Window: 14 days
    3. Group By: Daily
    4. Report Period: Last 60 Days 

  1. Click Request Report Button to submit the report to be processed

  1. Click OK

  1. Click Download Link for each report to get the CSV file

  1. Send all files to Analytic Index