Why have changes been made to the search volume estimate values?

Our search volume estimates are based on the best data we have available. When new data is made available to us, we pledge to improve and recalibrate our estimates.

Analytic Index's search volume estimates are among the most accurate in the industry, yet they remain estimates and as such are subject to a degree of error. From time to time we learn of new available sources that allow us to improve our estimates. In some cases this affects a subset of keywords related to a specific brand (or set of brands), but it occasionally affects a broad range of keywords through an algorithmic adjustment.

When an individual brand's keywords are affected, you may see an upward "shelf" appear in search volume estimates around the time when the new data became available. Your customer success representative will be able to help guide you through the implications when this occurs.

When an algorithmic improvement is made in our data pipeline, a broad range of keywords is affected, which can be more challenging to understand. Some keywords may be adjusted downward in their estimate, while others may stay level or even increase.

Analytic Index is committed to providing the most accurate search volume estimates and we're always working to gain access to even more reliable data sources to improve what we offer you.

Historical SVE Adjustments

Below is a partial list of algorithmic adjustments you may notice depending on how far back in our history you view.

Adjustment Date: 26 October 2023
Date Range Affected: 20 March 2022–19 February 2023
Retailers Affected: All active retailers prior to 19 February 2023
Summary: A primary source began publishing duplicate data which was not readily apparent in our SVE algorithms. Deduplicating this source may have a substantial change on many keyword estimates during the affected date range.

Adjustment Date: 26 October 2023
Date Range Affected: prior to October 2023
Retailers Affected: All active retailers as of October 2023
Summary: We observed significant variability in a data source which we had previously believed to be stable. Prior to this adjustment, SVE would vary week over week for 20%–30% of keywords. This adjustment stabilizes past SVE.

Adjustment Date: 18 April 2023
Date Range Affected: April 2022–April 2023
Retailers Affected: All active retailers prior to April 2023 (Amazon.com, Kroger.com, Target.com, Walmart.com)
Summary: A primary data source changed both the format and scope of their estimates. This allowed us to improve our SVE accuracy across many more keywords than before.