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Keyword Trends Report

The Keyword Trends Report provides insights into the search volume for over 4MM of the most searched keywords and shows how shoppers are searching for products on the major ecommerce platforms.


The Keyword Trends Report provides insights on search volume for over 4MM of the most searched keywords and shows how shoppers are searching for products on the major ecommerce platforms. With over 2 years of historical data available you can identify seasonality trends and year over year changes on how shoppers are searching for brands and products. 

The Keyword Trend Comparison is a companion report for comparing multiple keywords against each other to compare and contrast the search volume and trends.

How to Access this Report

  • You can find the report in the Analytic Index app here
  • You can navigate to the report via the Keyword Research → Keyword Trends menu item
  • It is also accessible via the drill in menu by clicking on a keyword on any report on the platform and selecting Keyword Search Volume Trends

Use Case #1: See How Shoppers are Searching for Your Brand

Enter your brand and use the “contains” filter option to find the variations of keywords that contain your brand. Use the Search volume and keyword count graphs to show how many different variations of your keyword are searched and the search volume of your terms. This is very useful for tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and other brand discovery efforts you are doing on and offsite. By knowing how your brand is being searched and how much search volume your brand is getting are valuable metrics in tracking your performance. 

The Keyword Trend Comparison tool can be used to track your brand search volume vs your competitor’s brand search volume in a head to head comparison. This will help you know how your brand awareness stacks up against the competition and who is gaining share of voice over time.

Use Case #2: Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Trends Report is a great place to start for keyword research. You can find exact and broad match keywords and phrases using the simple keyword filter. Discover new keywords from our database of over 4MM keywords that shoppers are actually using to search for products in ecommerce. Take the guesswork out of keyword research with the downloadable list of keywords and their respective search volume. You can also identify seasonality trends so you know when to start your paid search campaign right in time to catch the wave of increased search volume.

Pro Tips

  • Use a keyword “contains” filter to identify multiple variations of a particular keyword.
  • Use the “Schedule Delivery” feature to get your brand search trends delivered to you on a regular basis.
  • Enter multiple keywords in the Keyword Trend Comparison to compare terms and see who is gaining and losing the interest of shoppers.