Can we have custom dashboards made for my agency or brand?

In this article we talk about the process to have custom dashboards built for your agency or brand


A frequent request we receive from customers is if we have the ability to create custom dashboards that are unique to their agency or brand. The simple answer is yes! Insight customers can choose to have custom dashboards built as part of their Expert Consulting Services and custom dashboard can also be created as a professional services project.


Custom Dashboards

➡️ Getting Started

➡️ Custom Dashboard Ideas


Getting Started


Step 1: Meet with your Customer Success Manager

Step 2: Participate in a scoping meeting

Step 3: Approve the Scope of Work

Step 4: Test the finished product

Step 5: Sign off on finished dashboard


Step 1: Meet with your Customer Success Manager

The first step getting started with your custom dashboard is to reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). They should get an initial understanding of what you are looking for and if the capabilities are currently available. If they find that a custom dashboard is in your best interest, then you will proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Participate in a scoping meeting

The purpose of the scoping meeting is to get a very clear understanding from both a technical and qualitative standpoint of what should be accomplished with the custom dashboard. This meeting will include your team and a representative from the Analytic Index product team. 

Step 3: Approve the Scope of Work

Based on the scoping meeting, the Analytic Index team will prepare a Scope of Work (SOW) document that will outline in detail all the work that will be performed in creating the custom dashboard. If you are an Insights Customer, the SOW will provide details if the project will fall under the standard Expert Consulting Services or if it will require additional additional professional services costs. If you are a Research Customer the SOW will provide the detail costs of the project. The SOW must be signed before any work will be performed on a custom dashboard.

Step 4: Test finished product

Testing is critical to having a polished finished project. The Analytic Index product team will perform quality assurance testing before the dashboard is ever presented to the customer. Then the customer will be given a period of time to perform testing and provide any needed feedback to the product team. Necessary adjustment can be made to the dashboard to meet customer expectations. If new work that is outside of the SOW is brought up in the testing phase, an amendment to the SOW must be created and signed before the new work will be completed.

Step 5: Sign off on the finished dashboard

Written approval is required for all custom dashboards before the final product will be provided to the customer. This indicates that it meets all customer expectations and no further development work is required. Aside from maintenance or bug fixes, if any additional work is requested on the custom dashboard, it must go through the scoping and approval process once again.


Custom Dashboard Ideas


  • Customize any existing dashboard
  • Combine multiple dashboard into a singe dashboard
  • Choose metrics from the Data Dictionary to enhance an existing dashboard or create something new. (Some metrics in the Data Dictionary are only available in Custom Dashboards)
  • Create a report with a sequence of charts that align with your internal workflows
  • Create a custom-built audit tool to use when speaking to prospective internal or external customers
  • Create a custom dashboard for internal and external customers that contains business-specific KPIs 
  • Create a custom report for marketing outreach purposes
  • Create an exportable dataset that's compatible with internal databases etc.